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I can't keep it to myself. I tried. 
I am VERY dissatisfied with the ruling on the Hobby Lobby Case. No, I am infuriated. 
Yes, I understand it's only 4 little things they will not allow insurance to cover. That's not the point. 
The point is that they had no right. 
Before you start cussing me out or anything, everyone pays a premium for their insurance. So, we are PAYING for OUR insurance. Therefore, does that really make it right for your boss to say what care you get?
To top it off, women's health care is NOT cheap. I've already read stories of women who went in for their check-ups and the like. and because in one, she dared bring up birth control pills, and get a new prescription... the WHOLE visit was not covered by her insurance. $600 for the visit alone, and no idea what she had to pay for her medication. 
AND! To top THAT off, I am so sick and tired of people calling women whores for using birth control. "I'm not going to pay for your sex!" Ask any women... periods are often PAINFUL. I have so many friends with downright violent times of the month. They're practically curled up crying for two weeks of the month because their insides are almost being torn apart, with how violent their cramps can be. Birth control helps regulate that. People could lose so much blood that they get faint... birth control helps regulate that. So on and so forth. 
Also, you can't abort something that wasn't there in the first place. Preventing a pregnancy, and emergency contraceptives aren't "abortion" pills. There's no fetus to begin with. This is just in case  things happen. Like, what if she were raped. Or what if the condom broke. It's not so horrid as an "abortion" which is none of your business ANYWAYS. 

Edit: I also am very aware they are only banning 4 out of the 20 FDA approved birth control methods from their insurance coverage. And while they will still cover other options, it seems that some of those 4 banned are actually more widely used. Yes, there is the 14 other pills...  but do you really think THAT is the issue?

Well, anyways. Aside from that rant, I don't think it's ok to use "religious freedom" to force your views on anyone else. Every woman that is pissed has every RIGHT to be pissed. This is not a "oh, just don't work there or shop there" kind of thing. It is insulting to have a MALE dictate what goes on in a woman's body. I don't go up to a stranger and go "oh, you shouldn't get your hair cut because MY religion frowns upon it." (which isn't true. I don't have a religion. I also approve of haircuts.) It was the only thing I could think of. I'm sorry for the bad example. 

But I'm already seeing the rest of the iceberg show up. Because this vote was just the tip, and I knew that. 
Companies are already wanting "religious freedom" exemptions from hiring LGBT employees. So they CAN discriminate because they don't know how to pull their heads out of their asses. So, basically, if you want a good job, you'd have to live in the closet, because your employer could fire you for "religious freedom" purposes. 
FYI, your sexuality doesn't MATTER. I don't get why it should EVER be such a big deal. I do NOT care who you want to sleep with, so long as you're... well... sleeping in the same species. :P We may discuss other species whenever we may encounter beings from other planets. But... well, you get my point, right? 
Your sexuality only matters to me if I happen to like you in such a manner. Other than that, it does not matter. You are you, no matter what. I don't care about your religion, your sexuality, your.. favorite sports team. All I care about is YOU as a person. I do not understand how that would encourage so much hatred, and why it should be denied ANY rights in a country that is SUPPOSED to have separation of church and state. Not marry the church and state together. 

Freedom of Religion and freedom FROM religion. Believe as you will, and don't have beliefs forced upon you. 
I will never make you believe as I do. Though, I am always open to discussion. I like knowing what others believe. :) 

Anyways, I'm out of steam... for now. I'm probably silly for being so worked up over this. But... I see the whole thing as just wrong. We're going in the wrong direction, again. You'd think we have more important things to worry about. But nope. We keep going back to women's rights (especially with HER body)... LGBT rights.... 

I am sorry if this is "offensive" to anyone. it's just my own views. You don't have to agree. 

I hope everyone is doing alright. 
Love for you all. 


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